Our first ever Egg Day collection.

With so much choice and deliberation for chocolatiers around Easter time its so hard to decide what to make and so many challenges to consider like.... will the hollow eggs in my specially made earthquake and bombproof packaging withstand the Royal Mail battering that is these days a certainty and get to its destination in one piece? My money's on 'Probably not'!

So this year I decided to leave the hollow eggs to the high street and go with something a little more unique and on trend. And so we give you our super delicious range of Belgian chocolate 'Fleggs' (for those of you going what the heck.....flat eggs!)

Our fleggs come in 5 popular varieties. The large versions all come in a gift set with a flavour matching lollipop and our mini flegg collection comprises of one of each of our flavours for those who just cant decide which one looks tastiest. 

We also have our nostalgic Easter Lolly 'Pops' which are filled with popping candy and our range of Easter chocolate slabs. These make a great addition to any Easter Egg hunt or to send to a loved one as a gift so hop on over and take a look at our full range Easter Treats – Coco Meraki.