At Coco Meraki we don't restrict ourselves to working exclusively with one chocolate brand, just as a chocolate maker doesn't only use one type of bean. We thrive on the excitement of sourcing the most amazing tasting craft chocolates whose unique flavour profiles will compliment our recipes to create you something mouth-wateringly moreish! 

It's not only nuances and depth of flavour though that are important to us. We also want to unite with those who share our vision of a better future for the cocoa industry, regenerating it into a more equitable, sustainable, valuable and stable community, particularly for the often exploited people working at its heart.

We prioritise collaborating with businesses who empower small cacao growers and indigenous farming cooperatives, paying them above fair trade prices for ALL their harvested beans, helping farmers to achieve better crop yields through farming and enterprise programmes and supporting wider community and environmental initiatives. By being transparent about where our chocolate comes from our customers can be confident that we take our promises and commitment seriously and are more than just empty words or clever marketing gimmicks. To find out more about how your purchases are supporting a wider international vision keep reading!

Original Beans are one of the leading craft chocolate makers and we are delighted to be using their chocolates in our products. They are the 2024 winners of the Chocolate Scorecard Good Egg Award for the worlds most sustainable chocolate and with their unspoiled 'Flavour First' approach they produce a stunning array of the rarest variety cacaos, each made with only four raw ingredients traceable back to their source, and having flavour notes distinguishable to the regions in which they are grown. They also operate the worlds longest running one for one forestation programme, having planted the equivalent of 10,000 football fields since 2010, and set up the first female only cacao farming cooperative in 2012 to help tackle the financial and social inequalities native women face in the brutal Eastern DR Congo.

Xoco Gourmet is a relatively new chocolate maker whose concept we love and who are leading the way in the chocolate revolution against previously monotonous and industrialised methods. They are the first craft chocolate maker to adopt the principle of using grafting techniques to create selective varieties which achieve the best natural flavours. They own farms in Central America which they can trace all their beans back to, and work with a further 150 partner farmers, planting Xoco varieties for which they are paid more than 1.5 times the highest Fairtrade prices.  

Luker Chocolate is the first specialty chocolate maker we worked with who are a Certified B Corp, family owned, Columbian manufacturer creating fine flavour cocoa since 1906. They produce some of the worlds finest cocoa and their entire range is recognised with the coveted Fino De Aroma Classification with flavour profiles matched by only 8% of the worlds’ cocoa growers. Realising the destruction that 50 years of conflict has had on their poverty stricken country they created 'The Chocolate Dream', their sustainability plan whose main objectives focus on strengthening social well being, increasing productivity and income for their partner farmers and working in balance with the environment by actively protecting its biodiversity and becoming carbon neutral across all owned operations and farms in 2021.